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Looking at our storefront, you might think our location was a coffee shop. We designed it that way. Instead of a big, imposing gym, Milluminati is a small space. It’s intimate, warm, and friendly: whether you’re working out or visiting with staff – here you can make yourself at home.  

Our health and wellness experts provide a wide range of services to support your overall health. We offer traditional personal training in a fully-equipped gym, as well as holistic alternatives like ionic foot baths, PEMF therapy, and past life regressions. 

Our mission is to help you align with, not only your body, but your mind and soul. We’re here to enhance your journey in every way possible and without any pressure. You can use one or all of our services – that journey is up to you.

What does Milluminati mean? The “M” is for Milwaukee and “illuminati” is a fabled special and secret society. We appreciate the intimacy of a secret and that’s why you might mistake us for a coffee shop instead of a gym. We embrace the unknown and welcome all whom strive to strengthen that which makes them special.

The Studio

Our Team

“I envisioned a gym that felt like home.”

Meet Betsy

Betsy Herden opened Milluminati with the hope to help those that have traveled a similar path. She envisioned a space that provided complete privacy and a gym setting that felt like home rather than a converted warehouse. She encourages people to listen to the music that motivates them at the volume they desire to help motivate themselves during a session. In addition, Betsy is a gifted practicing psychic and medium. She has studied mediumship under world-renowned medium, Mavis Pittilla. Being a born medium, Betsy is able to connect with people who have passed on and are in the Spirit realm. She is also able to see messages regarding individuals present, future, and past. In order to best utilize her gifts, Betsy began to study Shamanic healing practices. This has allowed her to be able to provide Shamanic clearings that include but are not limited to, cord-cutting, soul retrieval, and removal of unwanted attachments.  She feels incredibly lucky to have found her life’s calling. 

‘Seeing the transormations of my clients is the best thing ever.’ 

Meet Clarissa

Clarissa Rodriguez is a Milluminati success story! Two years ago she was overweight, depressed, and unhealthy. She got connected with a personal trainer at Milluminati and results were pretty immediate. She attributes her success to the intimate environment at the studio. Through her own personal work, she found a love and passion for personal training.  She loves watching and helping her clients transform. As your personal trainer, she’s ready to be your biggest cheerleader! 

I get pumped about helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

Meet Kyle

Kyle is a fitness success story himself – before joining Milluminati, Kyle overcame multiple injuries, including 5 knee surgeries, and shed over 65 lbs, helping to overcome a deep depression. Kyle attended the National Personal Trainer Institute, and is on a mission to help as many people as he can, by motivating and encouraging clients to be their best selves.  In addition to fitness, Kyle practices Reiki and energy work. He looks forward to meeting and working with everyone at Milluminati. He can’t wait to help you reach yours!

‘Your vibrations are what you attract. I can’t wait to help you find abundance.’

Meet Jill

Jill Huxhold is a Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.  Her senses are pretty unique and through the years she’s learned specific tools to help people clear and release on a pretty deep level. She helps people with soul loss, psychic hooks, intrusions in your energetic fields, soul retrieval, activating your Merkabah, and more. As your Shaman and Energy Healer, she works with you to address your unique and personal goals. 

“I’m passionate about helping people feel better.”

Meet Dane

Dane is a licensed acupuncturist who received his Master’s degree in Acupuncture from Pacific College of Health and Science, Chicago. Before becoming an acupuncturist, Dane spent 5 years in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division serving two combat tours. When he came back to the states with injuries, he found a medical system that hardly looked at him. So, he used his GI bill to get an education to be able to heal himself using modalities not typically included in the VA at that time. He offers adjunctive treatments at no additional cost. 

‘Massage is a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health.’

Meet Jacki

Jacki has been doing massage since 2008, when she graduated from Fox Valley School of Massage Therapy in Appleton, WI. Shortly after graduation, Jacki started to take interest in energy healing. She is a certified Level 3 Reiki Healer. She is also Certified in Northern Thai Massage. Jacki finished her Shamanic training at Golden Light Healing in Sabiski, WI and she recently became ordained from the Universal Life Church in 2022. Jacki’s practice in massage is very unique, blending energy healing, Thai, and Swedish massage. Everything is intuitive based on listening to each individual person and working in the areas of concern. She is very excited to begin work with you!



What are the Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers are just as they are described: trained in teaching others how to exercise. They help you set realistic goals and support you in achieving them. Consider them your personal cheerleading squad or the ultimate accountability partner. Using their knowledge and training they customize your long and short term goals, and make your workouts more effective. Trainers also provide education throughout the session to ensure safety and reduce the risk of injury. Having someone beside you to help demonstrate correct posture and technique is invaluable. Our personal trainers understand that your journey is like no one elses and we’ll work with you to create the perfect program for your fitness needs. 


Can I Try One Free Training Session?

Yes, you can! Milluminati believes in “trying before buying”. We offer all potential clients a complimentary 45min consult.  Your consult includes goal setting, biometric reading, measurements, along with a fitness assessment. The results of your consult will help our trainers start creating a customized fitness plan best suited for your lifestyle. Contact us today to book your consultation. 


What Wellness and Healing Services do you Offer?

At Milluniati we offer a variety of wellness and healing services. Our services range from Ionic Foot Bath, PEMF Therapy Bed, Massage, Ear Candling, Sound Healing, Spiritual Readings, Medium Readings, Reiki Energy Healing, Past Life Regression, Third Eye Awakening, Spirtual Guidance and more. Please check out our Service page for more information and if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out.

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